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For half a decade Adwitiya's practice papers are stealing the show among students in Bhubaneswar. So meticulous have they been in preparation that you get addicted to that. Your hang over continues until you get your cherished job.

The Library, does have something special. You can come and discover it. It does not cost you too much to find it. You Check with our winners. Because proof of the pudding is eating.

When we say 'we mentor' we mean it. Discovering your strength and weakness, which you do through tests and we do provide solutions to remove weaknesses and to make you gain strengths, when you are with us.Be it guidance within or without, the faculties are co-operative enough to lead you from your position to the edge of the exam. They have done it again and again with twenty students getting the job in the first year to 105 students getting last year.So is the precise materials prepared by Adwitiya's guided by some professional veterans in this industry along with some dynamic youngsters, in teaching.

We deliver Boss .We do deliver, and always on time.

Situated close to Hotel Crown, is your destination for a systematic, student oriented, pattern oriented, and your success-oriented Institute that provides you the value of your parent's money and that values the value of your invaluable dream. Helping you to fulfil your dream is the only dream of Adwitiya Academy. Step into success. That is the first step to success. Choosing the wrong way in a right direction is a mistake. However Choosing the right way in a wrong direction is none less than a blunder. You have chosen the right direction. Just choose the right platform.

It is good to be an optimist, it is not so good to be an incurable optimist.As an optimist step into Adwitiya. Insure your dream job with the full knowledge and awareness that insurance has always been, is, and shall always remain a matter of solicitation.

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